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We are the largest organization presenting jazz performances and associated education programming in the Pacific Northwest.

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Feb 17


February 17 | 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Feb 17

BRAD MEHLDAU solo performance

February 17 | 7:00 pm

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2022 Biamp PDX JAZZ FESTIVAL Playlist

PDX JAZZ RADIO HOUR Weekly on KMHD 89.1FM from 6-7pm PST celebrates Jazz in ALL its Diversity. New releases, Classics, Instant Classics, New Discoveries + LIVE Unheard performances from the PDX JAZZ Archive (these can be heard on Mixcloud/pdxjazz) – Shuffle for maximum enjoyment !

PDX Jazz Promotional Video

Song: Archie Shepp, 'Hipnosis'

Thundercat covers "What's the Use?" by Mac Miller

During the 2020 BIAMP Portland Jazz Festival, Thundercat closed his set at the Kridel Grand Ballroom with one of our favorite tracks off of the late rapper's "Swimming."

Kassa Overall: Backpack Jazz Producing In Portland

In February 2020, backpack jazz producer Kassa Overall brought his mobile studio to Portland for the PDX Jazz Festival and the release of his second, and most personal, album through Brownswood Recordings.

Along the way, he dished out real talk on his nomadic creative process and why music is his secret for a balanced life.

Meet Mel Brown, The Portland Jazz Legend Who Plays For Something Greater Than Himself

If you've heard any '70s-era Motown record, you've probably heard Mel Brown's drumming. But if you happen to live in Portland, it's much more likely that you've seen him play live jazz.

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Episode 1 - Air Date 1.19.2021

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Interviews with PDX Jazz Festival Artists

Archie Shepp / Ashley Kahn Jazz Conversation

Portland Jazz Festival at Art Bar 2020

Giant of the Jazz avant-garde Archie Shepp talks music with journalist Ashley Kahn at the Art Bar for the 2020 Portland Jazz Festival.

Stanley Jordan/Ashley Kahn Jazz Conversation

Portland Jazz Festival 2020 at the Art Bar, February 21, 2020.

Listen to guitarist Stanley Jordan and Jazz journalist Ashley Kahn talking music. Portland Jazz Festival Jazz Conversation.

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