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A taste of the exciting artists performing in the new 2022 Fall Season from Sept 14th to Nov 11 from KCL to legendary drummer Billy Cobham, Hiromi, The Bad Plus, Laufey and ending with Antonio Sanchez & Bad Hombre – Enjoy and if in Portland come join us – info at PDXJAZZ.ORG

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Makaya McCraven ‘Sunset’ Live 2.20.22 at PDX Jazz Festival

Makaya McCraven performing ‘Sunset’ originally by Kenny Dorham from Makaya’s recent Blue Note album ‘Deciphering the Message’ at his 2nd night performance at Portland’s Star Theater during the 2022 biamp PDX Jazz Festival.

Makaya McCraven drums
Jeff Parker guitar
Junius Paul bass De’Sean
Jones horns, flute

Shot and edited by Shawn Kirkeby

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Christian McBride 6.13.22 Alberta Rose Theatre

Photographer Norm Eder’s narrative:

The theme of the evening with Christian McBride was respect.

While I was getting my cameras ready for Christian McBride’s show at the Alberta Rose Theater, I spotted Mel Brown and Curtis Salgado coming through the theater doors. It was a sign of the cross-genre respect McBride has earned as one of the best bassists in the jazz business and an omen for a terrific show.

I decided to start the show shooting from the second floor of the theater, from what I believe is the original projection booth. The room has a large cut out overlooking the stage. While that skybox view is not my favorite photographic angle, I know from experience at the Alberta Rose the perch allows useful perspective when deciding where to position myself on the main floor.

The theater was crowded with the center row filled with chairs. This left only the sides and the rear to shoot from. The scene was complicated by the staging. McBride was positioned to the rear of Ely Perlman (guitar) and Portland’s own Nicole Glover on saxophone. On one side of him was pianist Mike King and on the other Savannah Harris. McBride was surrounded and just out of the center stage spotlight.

McBride’s position on stage was purposeful; an act of respect for his young and hugely talented bandmates, who he clearly was eager to show off.

Unfortunately for me, the stage set up limited my shooting angles. Side shots were possible, but I did not think they would produce very good images. There were several spots from the back of the room where I could shoot “around” the jammed stage with my long lens, but these too did not excite me much. And then there was a shooting position on the floor just below the front of the stage, which I could only use at the beginning and end of the set.

I’ve selected two images from the night (the first 2 in the Gallery)

The first is a color image I shot from the back of the room with a 135mm lens. Saxophonist Nicole Glover was playing a solo when McBride moved his bass close to her, looking over her shoulder. McBride is a well-known teacher and his move toward Nicole, captured in this image, screams respect.

The second shot is a black and white image I shot while crouching on the floor between the front row seats and the front of the stage. At that range I saw McBride’s intensity and intent, as he played.

The only shot angle I had was up, but it gave me a best look at McBride I had all night. I knew this one, produced with a 75mm lens, was THE image from the moment I pressed the shutter.

© Norm Eder

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