R.I.P Wayne Shorter eternal legend

Wayne Shorter was a true master and visionary leader of Jazz culture for nearly six decades. Kind, warm and humble, he was as exceptional a person as he was a musician, like all the truly great masters in our field. We were proud to present Wayne and his quartet most recently in 2015 and you can enjoy a song from our archive of that performance here.

Recording Notes: “Orbits”, Wayne Shorter Quartet, 10/13/2015, Revolution Hall, Portland Oregon.

 This was the only time PDX Jazz presented Wayne Shorter in the post-Bill Royston era.  The night was unique because John Patitucci, the bassists of Wayne’s quartet, had to cancel on short notice due to illness.  Bassist, Matt Penman from the SF Jazz Collective flew in on the day of the show to save the gig and fulfill his childhood dream of sharing the stage with Wayne.

The quartet was rounded out by Danilo Perez on piano and Brian Blade on drums: this group was commonly regarded as the pinnacle of jazz at time.  In the spirit of this highly improvisational band, there was little discussion about the setlist, expectations, or Matt’s place in it.

The lack of planning didn’t attenuate the magic, and if anything, it elevated it. Wayne’s demeanor was calming and pleasant, and his presence on stage commanded focus. 

Six years later, I contacted Wayne’s team and the approval to use the recording came from Wayne personally, and subsequently his attorney.  He bestowed the world a lifetime of inspiration and unharnessed creativity. 

Wayne’s legacy will continue to influence and reshape music for generations to come.  Enjoy this gift while we mourn and celebrate the life of an icon.

 Alex Donovan, Production Manager, PDX Jazz

Live photo at PDX Jazz 10.15 by Oded Shulsinger