R.I.P CHICK COREA * Return to Forever maestro
Jazz Giant Pioneer Virtuoso

As a student and performer of music, long before I was in music administration, I listened and learned from the masters. It is from this perspective that I hold a heavy heart today. Chick Corea was a master, in everyone’s book. He was a mentor to students he never met, yet shaped. He was a bridge for jazz to fans, who otherwise may have never heard the music. And, he was a creative inspiration and technical genius, evolving jazz and continuously pushing the boundaries of the genre to connect with each new generation over the span of his career. Each decade, each band, each album being a masterpiece of music that fills the heart, soul and mind.

Thank you Chick, for shaping my life, and so many others.

Chris Doss
Executive Director-CEO
PDX Jazz – PDX Jazz Festival